Dear Parents,

Linder Educational Coaching is a different approach to all aspects of education. Instead of simple subject tutoring, we focus on creating an independent and resourceful individual. We teach the skills to be successful in academics, from organization and study skills to memory techniques and test taking strategies.Our program has made a name for itself here in Northern Virginia for its results working with kids of all ages. We tailor study methods and techniques to the individual learner. Our educational coaches are known to be invaluable mentors in the lives of the children they work with, helping instill an appreciation of education and opportunity.

As the founder of Linder Educational Coaching, I appreciate your interest and would love to help you help your child.

Kristin Linder Carpenter


As I discover that my client needs an academic coach, I always refer Linder Educational Coaching knowing that this family and child will receive the best support possible.
- Dr. Patrice Garver